How to remove Time from DateTime on client side


Usually we put the Data Type for column named “date” as datetime or smalldatetime. So it will by default attach a date whether we pass any time with date or not. For example if we pass “datetime” it will take both date and time  like “11/23/2012 1:28 PM” and it we pass “shortdate” then it will take “11/23/2012 0:00 AM” so there is nothing we can do if the Data Type is “datetime” or “shortdatetime”. I needed to get rid of time so i searched and found a good solution that i am trying to share with everyone.


Recently i was in the situation like i told in my introduction section. My Data Type in database field for “SignUpDate” is “datetime”. So it’s taking both date and time i have nothing to do with this. but i needed to show only the date at the front end. On the other hand i may also need the time it the client wants it for any reason so i can’t delete it. so i need to find a solution that will hide the time while it renders the page.

Using the code

Here is the screenshot of my database fields.

Here is the problem i faced.

I just wanted to remove the time from the display

Here is my code for the solution:

// <asp:BoundField DataField="SignUpDate" HeaderText="SignUp Date" DataFormatString="{0:d}" />

This is the command we need to add with our “<asp:BoundField />” tag

The output will be like this as i want Smile | :)   the time is removed from the display


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